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My first story was published the day after my 13th birthday.

I’m still unclear on how it reached the editorial offices of my hometown’s daily newspaper, but they ran a long piece I’d written for a 6th grade class assignment. Titled “Adventures of a Young Ant,” and ostensibly modeled after Hemingway’s Nick Adams stories, it chronicled the travails of the titular insect as he crosses an elementary school classroom to win a barroom wager, fame and fortune, and the female ant of his dreams. I know…pretty heady stuff.

I’ve seen no hard evidence that newspaper sales spiked that day, but I do know that my Mom bought a few extras.

Since then, I’ve written on sports, music, film & television, live entertainment & theme parks, fiction, history, the military, faith & the church, and a variety of outdoor topics (from hiking and camping to firearms, knives and assorted gear) for dozens of publications.

In addition to my own writing, I’ve developed and edited a good deal of magazine and book content for others. I’ve co-written or ghostwritten seven books, and have penned scores of speeches & scripts. I’ve lead marketing, communications and training & development teams, and have facilitated hundreds of whiteboard planning and creative sessions for a variety of corporate and non-profit organizations, including industry leaders such as The Walt Disney Company.

These days, I do the majority of my work for Engaged Media as Editorial Director of their Sports, Entertainment & Outdoor Media Group. I’d love to help you discover and tell your story, develop your content, or reach new audiences.

Let’s connect: craig@craighodgkins.com.

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