It really is all about the story.  Here’s part of mine.

My first published story appeared the day after my 12th birthday.

I’m still unclear on how it reached the editorial offices of my hometown’s daily newspaper, but they ran a long piece I’d written for a 6th grade class assignment. Titled “Adventures of a Young Ant,” (which I shamelessly borrowed from Hemingway’s Nick Adams stories), it chronicled the travails of the titular insect as he crosses an elementary school classroom to win a barroom wager, fame and fortune, and the female ant of his dreams.

Sadly, it is no longer in print.

After graduating from Browns Valley Elementary School in Napa, CA (and a few other schools), I spent nearly twenty years with The Walt Disney Company in communications & marketing, worked in advertising for HEILBrice in Newport Beach, directed multimedia and content development teams for two large Orange County churches, and spent three years as an editorial director and magazine editor for Engaged Media, Inc.

Along the way, I’ve written speeches and video scripts for CEOs, COOs and CFOs (including Disney’s), trained thousands of Disney Cast Members, penned jokes for Jay Leno, and “punched up” weekend messages for a passel of pastors.

I’ve been editor of several NFL, NCAA, NBA and fantasy football publications and Gun World magazine, and a contributing editor of The Purpose Driven Connection (published by Readers Digest, Inc.). I’ve also developed, written or co-written a dozen curriculum study guides, and crafted hundreds of video scripts.

These days, I continue to write, edit and direct projects in all forms of print and electronic media, from articles and blog posts to annual reports, speeches, video and film scripts.

I’ve also spent time in the non-fiction book world (To date, I’ve co-written or ghostwritten seven books), and provide manuscript analysis and content development help to clients as well.

If you want to develop a book manuscript/proposal, or simply have a content development project to discuss, please contact me at