A Blank Canvas (or Whiteboard) Is Your Friend

Or, If you don’t know your story, who will?

Some refer to it as “brainstorming.” Others call it “strategic dreaming” or “blue sky thinking.” But whatever you call these developmental sessions, yours should have a single goal: to help you discover and develop your story so you can be better equipped to share it with the world. I’ve facilitated these vital sessions for corporations, church teams and non-profit organizations for more than two decades, and I’d love to help you and your team.

A word of warning: I don’t carry all the “right” answers in my messenger bag. In fact, I believe that your organization probably has enough brainpower, ideas, and dreams in-house to carry you to the next start-up or the next level.

What I do: I help assemble the right people in the room (or through technology, in virtual space) and provide them with a structure and a spark. I’ll ask the right question at the right time, listen for the thought behind the thought, and help you connect dots that had never been connected before.

Building on your strengths, and using the latest technology and tactics, I’ll coax your ideas and dreams out into the open so together we can sift, shape and sharpen them into manageable and measurable realities.

By the end of our session, you and your team will understand your story more deeply, and be able to share it with more passion and purpose than ever before.

If you and your team desire to be led through one of these sessions–whatever you choose to call it–please contact me at craig@craighodgkins.com.